Introducing our products


The members of your staff are one of the key factors of your company's success. It is therefore essential that they should be well trained. This is why MOPSYS has created a complete set of tools to help you train your staff.

E-Pharma library

E-PHARMA is a library of scientific training courses for medical representatives (both generalised and specialist). These training courses have been placed online on a personalised Internet platform allowing training courses to be followed by each learner. The therapeutic domains currently addressed are cardiology, the respiratory system, the nervous system, the endocrine system and infectious diseases.


E-Hospital library

E-HOSPITAL is a library of training courses for physicians, nursing and non-nursing staff at hospitals and nursing homes. These training courses cover three themes: hospital hygiene, hospital management and safety.


Your E-Content

MOPSYS helps you set up an e-learning project within your company, your organization



Ludi-Elm is a piece of software that creates and manages exercise sessions and tests in order to personalize training. Ludi-Elm's aim is to stimulate users' learning abilities by enabling them to put their knowledge into practice.