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MOPSYS helps you set up an e-learning project within your company, your organization.

Any project can be divided into several stages. Our teams will accompany you throughout each and every phase of the project.

The training courses are implemented using our modified programme (CPS = Course Publishing System), which is a content editor.


  • The adaptation and customization of our content to your work environment and your professional practices and according to your needs,
  • Advice for the trainers in order to create a communication and deployment plan,
  • Presentation of the solution to all your staff.


  • Pedagogical assistance for healthcare executives and appointed trainers,
  • On-site technical and pedagogical assistance:
    The trainees access the self-training modules using a computer (Internet Explorer). You host the solution and we offer you this service.
  • Phone suppor t during of fice hours.

Pedagogical follow-up:

  • Pedagogical backing and continuous follow-up with quar terly meetings to accompany you in achieving your training objectives,
  • An annual management report.

Project assessment:

  • The precise identification of the goals of the training plan which have been met,
  • An annual calculation of return on investment,
  • Help to find the best ROI according to your work environment.

For more information about these courses, please contact us at: info -at-


CPS: Editing your training courses becomes child's play!


CPS is a content editor you can use to easily change and customize your courses.

CPS is the ideal tool for creating new courses or keeping existing material up to date. Easy to use, it enables you to add, delete or move text, pictures, animations, questions, exercises, etc.

With one click of the mouse, you can automatically publish a document intended for printing (Book) and/or an electronic multimedia document (E-Book). At any time, trainers can change their courses to focus on their target audience without having to call upon external resources.

CPS further facilitates learning by presenting and structuring all your courses in the same way.



  • simple updating of your training courses by directly changing the text or exercises,
  • homogenization of your training courses,
  • automatic generation of Book (PDF) and E-Book (HTML) documents,
  • XML representation of your courses,
  • SCORM® 1.2 compliant,
  • extensible and adaptable to your specific needs.

Technical sheet:

CPS 3.0 requires:

  • Internet Explorer 5.5+ (standard version),
  • Flash® 7 plug-in,
  • Acrobat® Reader 5.0.

You can publish SCORM® 1.2 compliant E-Books using the CPS and import them into your SCORM® 1.2 learning management system.



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